Gearge & Lisa Hanson (Buyers) MadisonVille

2892940.jpg"We were referred to Danny by co-workers in both of our offices. His reputation is that of a very thorough agent who looks out for and strongly advocates his client's position. Danny's reputation was very consistent in his work with us. He was always available to meet with us on any issue and was even able to reduce our closing costs! Thanks Danny for the ease at which we were able to close our new home."

Brady & Kathleen (Sellers) Mandeville

2892941.jpgSold in 1 week! "Thank you for your professionalism, your market knowledge and your thoroughness. I had no idea we would do all of this in a week's time...we look forward to recommending you to others who are looking for the same smooth way of making these things happen."

Neil, Susan, Natalie, & Hannah (Buyers) Mandeville

2892942.jpg"We appreciate the effort you went to to find us a home and that you had our best interest in mind. You have all of the qualities that a great realtor and a good person should have! Thank you for making the whole process a pleasant one."

Robin & Tim Mitchell (Sellers & Buyers) Covington

2892943.jpgSold in 1 week! "My husband and I enjoyed working with Danny to sell our home and purchase a lot. He always made sure we were taken care of and kept us up to date on every detail for selling out house. Even called us from his vacation. THANK YOU, DANNY!"

John & Luba Hogue (Buyers) Mandeville

2892944.jpg"Danny's acts of professionalism combined with courtesy, kindness, and friendship truly make him a top-notch agent. He persevered until we found the ideal home. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone who wants a professional, dedicated agent."

Paul & Debbie Godwin (Sellers) Mandeville

2892945.jpg"Danny sold our house in 1 week!"

Tim & Barbara Getzlaff (Buyers) Mandeville

2892946.jpg"Danny was focused on our specific requirements and price range and within 2 hours had identified the home of our choice. Danny was like a Swiss watch and didn't lose any time...I don't think it could get any better than this!"

Addie & Susan F. (Sellers & Buyers) Covington

2892947.jpg"Thanks so much for all of your help with the sales of both houses. You are truly a professional and made the experience a wonderful one."

Frank & Tammy Dolese (Buyers) Covington

2892948.jpg"You made our first home purchase a wonderful experience! We recommend everyone to you. We are amazed about how much you still do for us almost 2 years later! Thanks for the incredible service after the sale."

Susan & Louis Smith (Buyers) Madisonville

2892949.jpg"Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Your thoughtfulness and great job have meant so much to us and has made our 1st homebuying experience so wonderful!"

Karen Stein (Seller & Buyer) Mandeville

2892950.jpg"Danny was an excellent agent in all aspects of selling my old home and in purchasing a new home."

Ann Landry (Seller) Covington

2892951.jpg"Danny has restored my trust in agents. He was truly interested in helping us sell our house. He was the most honest and helpful agent I have ever met and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Danny Lyons
Danny Lyons
1151 N Causeway Blvd Mandeville LA 70471